Cheltenham Betting

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With millions of people tuning in, Cheltenham betting is one of the most attractive events for both first-timers and betting regulars. Horse racing has always attracted a large volume of bettors. With a major event like the Cheltenham Festival fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to go through the Cheltenham betting tips.

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Betting on Cheltenham 2022

One of the first things you should do when you decide to start betting on Cheltenham is go through the Cheltenham Betting tips.

You should be careful about betting too early, though. Even though the ante-post odds are attractive, horse racing is unpredictable, so your selection might not even end up running.

Cheltenham Betting Types

As we move closer to the tournament and the event moves from the ante-post section, we’ll see other types of Cheltenham Betting types. In the next section, we’ll go through some of the most common types of bets you can expect.

Wins, place bets, each-way bets, futures

Futures or ante-post bets are the ones available months in advance of the event. Like we’ve already said, they usually come with excellent odds, but are the riskiest.

As you might infer from the name when you bet on a win, you bet on a horse you expect to win the race.

With each-way bets, you bet that a horse will either win or take one of the top 4 spots. This will lower the odds, give you a much greater chance at a return.

Finally, with place bets, you are betting that the horse will finish either first or second.

Cheltenham Gold Cup Betting

Although there are 28 races in total at the Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham Gold Cup is by far the most prestigious one. Cheltenham Gold Cup betting gathers bettors from all around the globe and the race itself is one of the top events in the racing calendar.

The race has such a following that many equate Betting on Cheltenham with Gold Cup Betting.

Totepools and Placepots

Apart from the Cheltenham betting types we have listed, you can also try your hand at totepools. Totepool bets don’t have fixed odds and are very popular in horse racing.

Bettors place bets towards a common pot. The winnings are determined by the size of the pot (minus the operator’s cut) and they can grow to sizable amounts.

Placepots can get quite a bit more complicated. You have to make a selection of six horses which will place in the first six races of the event.

Every event will have its own placepot which will prescribe the exact betting rules. Since all the bets go into a pool, the payouts can be massive, but this is not the type of bet we would recommend to beginners.

Cheltenham Betting Tips

If you want to be successful at betting on Cheltenham, finding reliable tips should be part of your research. Your best course of action is to look for expert analyses of the participating horses.

There are tipster websites and communities where you can find useful advice and insights. You should pay special attention to the runners’ past performance, and see which types of races are their strong suit.

cheltenham betting

Cheltenham Odds

As horse racing depends on a lot of different factors, the odds can change frequently. Furthermore, online sportsbooks can offer odds that differ significantly from one another. You will generally find the highest odds in futures.

However, unless you are armed with plenty of knowledge, we would advise you to wait until the official lineup is established. This way you’ll have concrete information to work with and make an informed bet.

Cheltenham Favourites

The top question that’s on every punter’s mind when it comes to Cheltenham betting is: Who are the favourites? When talking about the centrepiece of the Cheltenham Festival, the Gold Cup, Minella is so far considered to be the top contender.

Al Boum Photo was not able to back up for a hattrick in 2021, with Minella Indo crossing the line first.

How to Watch Cheltenham Live

Multiple online betting operators will offer live streams of the event. Just have in mind that there might be certain conditions you will have to fulfil before you get the access.

Cheltenham History

The Cheltenham Festival has a long history. The first one was held back in 1860 when it was known as the Grand National Hunt Meeting. Up until 2005, the festival had been held over three days. Since then, the fourth day was introduced. In the years that followed the number of races grew to 28, where it is at present.

The Gold Cup is the most anticipated event. It is the event that brings in the biggest number of horse racing lovers.

Cheltenham FAQ

For any additional questions, we have prepared an FAQ section below.

Who will Win Cheltenham Gold Cup 2022?

Although it is still difficult to say, Minella Indo has so far proven to be one of the top early contenders along with Monkfish and Envoi Allen in the ante post betting market.

How many places are bookmakers paying at Cheltenham?

Most major bookmakers are paying 4 places at Cheltenham.

Who is Favourite for Cheltenham Gold Cup?

We’ll have to wait to see how the antepost market shapes up closer to the event, but early on we’re seeing Monkfish heading the early antepost market.

Who won the Gold Cup at Cheltenham in 2021?

Minella Indo won the last Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

Which Horses have won the Gold Cup in recent years?

The 2019 and 2020 Gold Cup winner was Al Boum Photo. Then Minella Indo denied him the hattrick in 2021.

Which Race is the Gold Cup?

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is the most prestigious race ran during the Cheltenham Festival. It is a Grade 1 National Hunt race.

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