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Grand National Betting seems to be one of the favourite national pastimes. The event attracts hundreds of millions of viewers, so it’s no wonder the bookmakers have their hands full. Since there will be a lot of first time and once-a-year bettors, we feel it’s important to make a comprehensive guide. Otherwise, there will be a lot of Betting on Grand National made purely based on catchy names.

There are countless betting sites out there, but not all offer the same degree of professional quality or security. We’ll explore the things you need to know about Grand National betting 2022 to help you find the bookmaker and bets that best suit your needs.

You can also have a look at our page dedicated to horse racing betting, to get more information about the other horse races to bet on.

Grand National Betting Odds 2022

Before you start betting on Grand National, it would be a good idea to look for the Grand National and odds. Major online sportsbooks will usually come out with ante-post odds for the next tournament practically as soon as the last one is over. But in order to make an informed bet that early on, you will need to do the proper research.

Grand National Betting Guide

Horse race betting is notoriously finicky in ante-posts. Horses end up dropping out of races or not making it in the lineup all the time.

On the other hand, the odds are much better in ante post-bets. So, you should make sure to only bet if you are certain that the horse will make it in the lineup.

Once the tournament starts, you will have a wide selection of bets to choose from. In the next part, we’ll go through some of the most common Grand National 2022 betting types.

Grand National Betting Types

Depending on how experienced you are, betting on Grand National can range from very straightforward to very complex. So, let’s start with the basics.

Wins, Place bets, Each-Way Bets, Futures

Wins are one of the most common types of bets and are by far the most straightforward. When you bet on a win, you bet that a horse will win first place.

With place bets, you place a bet that a horse will take either the first or the second place.

Each-way bets are another very popular betting type. It consists of two bets, one that a horse will win, and another that it will place in the first 4 or 5 spots. Since this type of bet gives you more leeway, the odds will be lower, however, you will have better chances.

Finally, futures are another name for ante-post bets. They are available months prior to events, they carry longer odds and a lot more risk. If you are a beginner, it might be best to hold your horses and wait until there is more reliable info available to go by.

Totepools and Placepots

So far we’ve taken a look at bets with fixed odds. Totepools and placepots, on the other hand, have prizes pools based on the total amount staked. Totepools are rather straightforward in that the bets are placed on a particular horse. If the selection ends up winning, the prize pool is divided among the winners, minus the bookmaker’s cut and other fees.

While placepots are more complicated, they are very popular. This is no small part due to the potentially high returns they can bring. The bet will require you to select horses you believe will place in the first six races of a competition.

Grand National Betting Odds

The favourite for the Grand National is often in the range of 7/1 to 10/1. Tiger Roll was the 4/1 winning favourite in 2019 but the horse won the race the previous year and looked an outstanding bet.

Cloth Cap could be even shorter this year and could be about 7/2. To balance the book the second and third favourites are 20/1 and more.

When there is a short-priced favourite for the Grand National, there is some value in bigger priced outsiders, especially for each way betting.

Betting Sites for Grand National Bets

With the Grand National being an internationally renowned horse race, most of the main bookmakers in Australia will have odds and bets available for the race.

The History of Grand National

Every year, the Grand National takes place at the famous Aintree Racecourse, based close to Liverpool. For anyone who has never actually seen the venue in person, it’s actually fairly low-key at any other time of year – but on the day of the Grand National itself, it’s another story.

This is unsurprising, given that the first Grand National was held in 1839. It was established by one William Lynn, the owner of a venue known as the Waterloo Hotel. He organised the race to take place on land he’d acquired in a lease (from the second Earl of Sefton, Mr. William Molyneux).

The course was duly laid out, and the first stones were positioned in 1829. However, while the Grand National is recorded as having begun 10 years later, there is some confusion depending on your source: many believe the first run took place in 1836, with the winning horse (The Duke) claiming the top spot the following year as well.

Grand National Betting

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What made Grand National so well-known?

One reason is that the well-known Great St. Albans Chase, which ran at the same time as Aintree’s event, failed to gain a renewal after 1838, opening a space in the annual racing calendar.

Another contributing factor was the creation of railway transport in the Liverpool area, allowing people to come from further afield to enjoy the race, opening it up to the nation rather than just locals.

As a result of this greater interest, the 1839 race was the biggest so far, which is another reason it is generally regarded as the first Grand National.

As you look for Grand National betting tips 2022, you’ll see there’s just how far the event has come: even those with little to no interest in racing the rest of the year are drawn to it.

What Happens During the Grand National Race?

Before you start choosing your Grand National betting odds, you can benefit from learning a little more about what the race entails — and what your runner(s) have to overcome.

The Grand National requires its runners to race for two laps, covering four miles and 514 yards exactly, making it the longest National Hunt race in the UK. Over the years, the distance has changed, temporarily at least. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, the race lost 110 yards, following a safety review, which deemed the start be moved 90 yards from spectators.

There are a total of 16 fences from start to finish, but these are not all identical. Though every one features a top made with spruce gathered from the UK’s beautiful Lake District, 12 of these are different from the rest, due to their being reconstructed with plastic material. The rest are wooden, in the traditional style.

Grand National Betting Tips

One of the sure-fire ways to find success in Grand National Betting is to find the right tips. There is no shortage of information related to Grand National 2022 betting you can find online. Look for well-established tipster communities, where tipsters have credibility.

We would also advise you to do your own research and see the horses’ performance. The info can be found easily and it can go a long way.

Grand National Favourites

For anyone betting on Grand National, the question of favourites is one of the biggest ones. As the first back-to-back winner in over 40 years, Tiger Roll is so far the top favourite. Burrows Saint is another strong contender for the win.

How to watch Grand National Live

In Australia, Foxtel holds the rights to the Grand National, and it will be shown on Sky Thoroughbred Central. Additionally, a number of online sportsbooks also offer live streaming of the event, although there are often some strings attached. This usually means that you will have to be a registered user and have a positive account balance.

Grand National Horses

The Grand National has seen some of the sport’s greatest, most well-known horses and jockeys make significant records over the decades.

The horse with the most wins is Red Rum, who is also remembered for running 100 races without falling once, thanks to his strong ability to jump. He won the Grand National in 1973, 1974, and 1977, and actually managed to come second in ‘75 and ‘76.

The jockey with the most wins at the Grand National is George Stevens, who has claimed the top spot a staggering five times in his career. He won in 1856, riding Freetrader; in ‘63, riding Emblem; in ‘64, riding Emblematic; in ‘69, riding The Colonel; and in ‘70, riding The Colonel again.

One of the most impressive records related to the Grand National is that belonging to the aptly-named Mr Frisk. In 1990, this horse managed to complete the entire course in just eight minutes and 47.8 seconds.

Another jaw-dropping record belongs to Peter Simple, a horse running in 1853, at the grand old age of 15 – the oldest to ever win.

When it comes to the Grand National,  knowing which runners have the best victories behind them can help you pick the strongest. Which of 2022’s horses and jockeys have the most impressive backgrounds? Do a little research, and you may end up scooping a prize.

Grand National Betting Online

Over the past two decades, the act of placing bets on sports has been revolutionised thanks to the internet’s extraordinary growth. This has gone from being a luxury available to only those with high-tech computers to anyone with a smartphone and connectivity – meaning placing bets is possible at any time, any place.

Online betting sites provide dedicated and casual fans alike the chance to make wagers at their convenience, rather than depending on their local betting shop. Many of the leading brands, operating brick-and-mortar venues, have embraced online betting, expanding their reach further and wider. From a business perspective, this is a no-brainer – and it makes betting far more accessible for people who struggle with mobility issues or who live in remote locations.

As mobile browsing makes up a growing percentage of online activity, the best betting companies today ensure their sites can be enjoyed on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, for maximum appeal. You can find Grand National betting odds 2022 without restriction, using the platform that suits you best. Rather than having to boot up your computer at work or in the home to place a bet, fans can now access a site or an app within seconds.

Betting on Grand National Online and on Mobile

This proves particularly useful when betting on Grand National online, as people looking to make wagers can do so without restriction. While between 500 and 600 million people are believed to watch the Grand National (in as many as 140 different nations across the globe, hard as it may be to believe), not everyone who wants to see it gets the chance. After all, though it falls on a weekend, many of us need to work on these days.

However, with online betting, you can place a bet on your phone without having to take any time out of your day to visit a betting shop or call it in. This means everyone gets to feel part of the action, and can potentially walk away with big-money prizes to their name.

The Grand National 2022 should be a fantastic event, giving attendees a spectacular day out with an electric atmosphere. For viewers watching at home, the race should have all the action and excitement we all expect – and being able to win big prizes will only add to the satisfaction!

Get Ready For Grand National 2022

In the run-up to the Grand National 2022, you may want to learn more about runners, previous results, winners, the horses themselves, dates, dress code, tickets, and more. Forums are a terrific place to find further information a place to chat with other fans from across the world.

To help you make Grand National betting online a fun experience for you, feel free to read our Grand National betting guide and further articles on how to watch the Grand National, which horses are running as well as the best Grand National betting tips and odds.

We will give constantly update this site and our articles to ensure first-hand news and information on Grand National betting as the race approaches. The more you know about the event itself, the better-informed your bets will be.

Grand National Betting FAQ:

For any further questions you might have, we have prepared an FAQ section below.

How can I put a bet on the Grand National?

Betting on the Grand National online is the easiest way to place a bet. Simply register at an online sportsbook of your choice, find the event in the “horse racing” section and place a bet on your favourite.

Where can I bet on the Grand National?

You can bet with most online bookmakers in Australia.

Who is running in the Grand National 2022?

The full lineup of runners won’t be announced until we are closer to the event. At this point, we can expect Tiger Roll, Burrows Saint, Native River and Anibale Fly to run.

Do bookies payout for 5th place in Grand National?

Some bookies do pay out 5 places. However, you will have to check the individual bookmakers’ bets.

What is the latest time you can bet on the Grand National?

You can place a bet on the day of the race, up until the very beginning of the race.

What time is the Grand National 2022 Running?

The Grand National 2022 will be held on 9th April at 5:15 pm.

Can you place a bet online?

Yes, you can. You can expect to find the event on every online sportsbook.

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