Horse Racing Tips

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With more than 19,000 horse races held in Australia every year, there’s a daily quest to track down premium-quality horse racing tips. This page will explain everything you need to know, ranging from what exactly a tip is through to showing you where to find the best horse racing predictions online. We’ll also delve into some of the strategies professional horse race bettors use.

Tips for horse races all over the World

How Do Horse Racing Tips Work?

The word ‘tip’ can be used in a general sense or it can be specific. General horse racing tips will introduce concepts like studying form, jockeys, trainers and handicaps. In effect, gaining knowledge on the sport so you are better equipped to spot a good value bet in the market.

The more specific meaning relates to an actual tip (or prediction) on a horse. For instance, your favourite daily newspaper may have a section for ‘Today’s horse racing tips’.

These tips don’t require you to have any knowledge of racing, you can simply place your trust in the tipster’s prediction. However, we don’t believe that is the smartest move for numerous reasons.

If you think of a third-party tip simply as someone’s prediction. It is the horse that person believes stands the best chance of winning. You can put these horse racing tips to good use by comparing them with your own bank of knowledge.

For example, if you’ve studied a particular race and identified a horse you fancy, but several expert tipsters have chosen a different runner, there must be a reason. Of course, they could all be wrong, and you could be right. This is the judgement call you have to make when betting.

Where Can I Find Free Horse Racing Tips Online?

The internet is a bank of information, and there are an abundance of top horse racing tips available at your fingertips. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites dedicated to the sport of kings. However, before you go rushing off, we urge caution.

Some of these tips will come from better sources than others. Therefore, if you want horse racing tips for today free of charge, you should only use respected sources that have a solid history of providing high-quality horse racing predictions.

Additionally, don’t restrict yourself to one tipster. Gather as many free horse racing tips as possible. This is a form of crowdsourcing. If you have ten tipsters and seven of them are backing the same horse, you’d have to fancy its chances.

Alternatively, if there is a wide assortment of different tips, it would suggest that the race is too open to predict and it might be best to avoid having a flutter on it.

Horse Racing Tips

Tips and Strategies for Betting on Horse Racing

There are several horse betting strategies that experienced punters use. Some bet or certain jockeys or trainers, whereas others predominantly only back favourites.

Regardless of the strategy, the key to winning more often is knowledge. As a beginner, you may be surprised by how many variables need to be factored in when selecting your bets. These include:

  • Jockey: is a champion jockey in the saddle or an untested apprentice?
  • Weight: in handicap races, horses carry different weights to even things out. Is the horse used to this weight?
  • Course: has the horse ran the course before?
  • Distance: is the horse familiar with the distance?
  • Going: does the horse like the condition of the track (under hoof)?
  • Weather: like us, there are horses which are not fond of the rain, either.
  • Head gear: is the horse wearing blinkers for the first time, for instance?
  • Days rest: some horses run better after a long rest, others like to stay active.
  • Travelling distance: this relates to the distance from the trainer’s yard to the track.

Each of these elements plays a role in how the horse will perform but some are more critical than others. Course and distance in particular, and naturally weights for handicap rides. Most of the top online bookmakers provide all of this information in their form guides which makes your research easier.

Once you have a working knowledge of these aspects of racing, you can then review the top racing tips today provided by expert tipsters and compare them with your own thoughts. Ultimately, the best horse racing tips are the ones you trust from doing your homework.

Horse Racing Tips: FAQ

Are paid horse racing tips better than free ones?

As you look around for horse racing tips, you will come across services that offer tips for sale. Perhaps the person has inside knowledge that other punters are not privy to. It’s an added gamble in our opinion. There is a mountain of free information on the web, we don’t think it’s necessary to pay for horse racing tips anymore.

What stakes and bet types are best for horse racing?

This depends on you, the size of your bankroll and the stakes you are comfortable betting with. Many punters like accumulator bets and system bets because they cover multiple selections and the payouts can be extremely rewarding if all your runners win.

Does offer horse racing tips?

Yes, we have pages dedicated to the world’s biggest racing events such as Cheltenham betting tips and the Grand National. We don’t provide day-to-day racing tips on every UK meeting, however.

Are racing tips from national newspapers any good?

Yes, they can be. Most big newspapers have racing experts, so their tipsters are what we classify as a ‘respected source’. As highlighted though, you still want to learn the ropes for yourself otherwise you are betting on blind faith and that is fraught with danger.

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