Melbourne Cup Odds 2021

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If you are looking for Melbourne Cup odds you have come to the right place. The Melbourne Cup is the pinnacle of horse racing events in Australia, and it goes without saying that Melbourne Cup betting plays a significant role in it. If you are curious about Melbourne Cup odds 2021 and what they mean, keep on reading.

Where to Find the Best Odds for the Melbourne Cup 2021?

Plenty of operators want to be competitive and offer the best Melbourne Cup odds to their punters. After all, this is the “Race that stops a nation,” and betting on it is quite popular. This is why we have investigated the odds and found that the following four operators offer the best Melbourne Cup odds 2021:

Horses Melbourne Cup 2021 Best odds See odds 
Russian Camelot TBA

Prince of Arran TBA

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Tiger Moth TBA

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Anthony Van Dyck TBA

Surprise Baby TBA

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Sir Dragonet TBA


Ashrun TBA

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Verry Elleegant TBA

Finche TBA

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Master Of Reality TBA

You should have in mind that the odds can change before the race in the months, weeks, and even days leading up to it. This is why you need to make sure to check them regularly in order to make an informed decision when you want to place your bet.

Melbourne Cup Odds 2021

It’s safe to say that Melbourne Cup betting and Melbourne Cup Odds go hand in hand. However, there are a few slight differences. When we say betting, we primarily mean the entire market for one race, and odds are related to the price put on each individual horse when placing bets.

Hundreds of horses are nominated for the Cup each year, and they need to go through various stages of acceptance to become participants in the Melbourne Cup Field. To be eligible for the Field, a horse needs to win group races which are longer than 2,400m anywhere in the world. At the moment, there are 67 contenders for the race, and only 24 will make it to the Flemington racecourse.

All the horses to compete in the Cup are assigned their own odds, and these odds are a reflection of what the operators think their chances of winning are. For example, if you see that an operator is offering odds of 5/1 for a horse, it means that the horse in question is a very strong contender to take the trophy. On the other hand, odds of 200/1 or higher imply that the chances of winning for that horse are rather slim.

Melbourne Cup Early Markets

Bookmakers like to be ready for major upcoming events and as soon as one year’s event finishes they come forward with the odds for the next one. This is why all the major operators have Melbourne Cup odds 2021 available months ahead of the event taking place in November. Here are current odds for the top ten horses.

Melbourne Cup Horses 2021 Current odds
Surprise Baby TBA
Russian Camelot TBA
Santiago TBA
Anthony Van Dyck TBA
Ashrun TBA
Nickajack Cave TBA
Verry Elleegant TBA
Finche TBA
Master Of Wine TBA
Dashing Willoughby TBA

You should be aware that these odds are prone to change as the race day approaches, and you should make sure to recheck them before you want to place your bet.

What Are the Different Odds? What to Be Aware Of?

When it comes to the Melbourne Cup betting and Melbourne Cup odds 2021, you should have in mind that odds frequently change in the months, weeks, and even days before the race – not to mention the race day itself. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep track of them and be as informed as possible. The most common types of Melbourne Cup odds you will find are tote odds and fixed odds.

  • Tote odds – Tote or parimutuel betting is a betting system in which all bets of a certain type are placed together in the same pool on a race. The bookmaker’s tote odds are an estimation of what they believe you can get according to the quantity of the bets placed up to that point. You should be aware that these odds can change very often, and you practically do not know what the actual ones you will get until the race has begun and the bets are no longer accepted.
  • Fixed odds –  Fixed odds are quite the opposite, meaning you know the precise odds you will get once you have placed your bet. This means that not all bettors will get the same odds even though they have bet on the same outcome because the odds can shift and the bookmakers often adjust them before the race.

Melbourne Cup Odds

Odds Melbourne Cup 2021

  • Surprise Baby: TBA
  • Russian Camelot: TBA
  • Santiago: TBA
  • Anthony Van Dyck: TBA
  • Ashrun: TBA
  • Nickajack Cave: TBA
  • Verry Elleegant: TBA
  • Finche: TBA
  • Master Of Wine: TBA
  • Dashing Willoughby: TBA

Real-time odds: Play live

If you prefer betting live, you will be glad to know that you can place live bets during the Melbourne Cup. You can place your bets after the race has begun and also while it is still in progress.

As you probably know, horse races typically last for a couple of minutes so you need to be quick on your feet when you are placing your live bet. You should also pay attention to the fact that the odds keep changing throughout the race just as each of the horses changes their position.

One of the most important things for betting live is factoring in the weather. Rain can affect the racetrack conditions significantly so it helps to do research on how your favourites have fared in various weather condition in the past.

Melbourne Cup Odds FAQ

Here are a few of the most common question regarding the Melbourne Cup betting and Melbourne Cup odds:

How Do Melbourne Cup Odds Work?

All Melbourne Cup contesters are given odds which are usually presented as an amount in dollars so you will usually see odds looking like this: A$10. This means that for every dollar you bet you will receive A$10 back should your horse win. This includes the A$1 that you bet, which means that your profit will be A$9 per dollar bet.

If you want to convert the amount in dollars to losing/winning odds, you need to split the A$10 payout into the profit of A$9 and the outlay of A$1, and then they will look like this: 9/1.

Who Are the Favourites on the Melbourne Cup?

The lowest Melbourne Cup odds 2021 are currently on three European horses. Cross Counter (GB) who was the Melbourne Cup 2020 winner, Avillius (GB), and Ghaiyyath (IRE).

Who Won the Melbourne Cup in 2018?

Cross Counter, a four-year-old British gelding trained by Charlie Appleby, was the winner of the 2018 Melbourne Cup. His handicap was 51 kg, Kerrin McEvoy was his jockey, and he was the third favourite after the draw, behind Magic Circle and Yucatan.


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